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01 April 2016
If you have visited any of the Balearic Islands, you will know that its inhabitants are very proud of their traditional cuisine and that cooking plays an important role in their daily life. More so...
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Guide to the Best Beaches in the Region of Murcia
18 March 2016
This year has been a fantastic year already so far weather-wise. And in many resorts along the coast people have already been spotted sunbathing and, dare I say it, swimming in the sea! OK, these...
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Guide to Barcelona’s 10 Best-Kept Hidden Gems and Secrets
04 March 2016
Every city has its secrets. And not forgetting those hidden gems off the typical tourist track that you only discover when exploring an area to the full and happen to stumble across them often by...
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The 10 Best Car Routes in Spain
12 February 2016
Whatever the weather or season in Spain, it’s always a great time to jump in the car and carry out a road trip. Obviously, during the summer months, it’s probably better to see the sights in the...
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The 10 Ugliest Buildings in Spain
28 January 2016
Under normal circumstances, you’d want to visit a place because of its beauty, culture, gastronomic traditions and history. However, there are some places in Spain that you really have to see, just...
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Guide to the Best 10 Cities to Visit in Winter
15 January 2016
During the summer months we all know that the best places to be, by far, include somewhere on the coast on a beach; up in the north of the country removed from the treacherous heat and humidity, or...
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The 10 Most Photographed Places in Spain on Instagram in 2015
18 December 2015
The majority of travellers, day-trippers and tourists are unlikely to go anywhere without their camera (or mobile phone). They want to show the rest of the world, friends and family where they are,...
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Guide to the Areas in Spain with the Best and Worst Drinking Water
11 December 2015
According to numerous health studies carried out across the globe, ideally we should be drinking two litres of water a day. As 80% of our body is made up of water, this makes a lot of sense. We need...
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The Ultimate Guide to Spain’s General Election 2015
02 December 2015
Promises, promises before a general election On Sunday 20th December 2015, Spanish nationals will be deciding which political parties should govern Spain for the next four years. Those without...
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Guide to Some of the Best Nature Routes in the Valencia Region
23 November 2015
The Valencia Region is often associated with talk of stunning beaches, bustling marinas and pretty little whitewashed villages located close to the sea. But, there is actually so much more to the...
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Guide to the Most Influential Women in Spain
13 November 2015
When considering who the most influential figures currently are across the globe, names like President Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Russell Brand may spring to mind – or they may not! But, what about if...
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Guide to the Top 10 Restaurants for Tourists in Madrid
23 October 2015
It is a fact that Spanish cuisine is one of the best styles of cooking across the globe. The Mediterranean diet is touted as the healthiest in the world, and the climate and natural resources in this...
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