Richard Gere helps the homeless
30 September 2016
According to a study carried out by the Rais Foundation, 404 people regularly sleep on the streets of Valencia. Forty-five per cent of them say they had suffered from being attacked or assaulted on...
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Canine concert Valencia
09 September 2016

First Concert for Dogs to Be Held in Valencia Next Week

The first ever music concert in Spain for dogs, yes, that’s right, a concert for our favourite four-legged friends, will be held next Sunday 18 September in Valencia. It will be the opening part of...
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Spanish expensive areas for property
08 June 2016
Most people are aware that the most expensive properties in Spain are found in the largest cities. But perhaps not everyone knows that the properties with the highest value per square metre are found...
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Female traffic lights in Valencia
09 March 2016
We are accustomed to seeing the female silhouette on the door of the toilet designated for ladies. This is only natural as it is necessary for people to distinguish between the two. But are there any...
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Chinese investors interested in Spanish real estate again
08 October 2015

Chinese Investors Return to Spanish Property Market in Droves

There hasn’t been much news about Chinese investors buying up property in Spain for a while, probably since the economic crisis, which has had many worried about what would happen if they did pour...
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Guide to the Best Places to Visit with Children in Valencia
25 September 2015
Although the summer holidays have come to an end and the kids have already started a new year back at school, this guide will come in handy for forthcoming weekends and the holiday periods next year...
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Monte Carlo casino in Valencia
21 April 2015

Monte Carlo-Style Casino Plans for Valencia

Asian group ARC has presented plans to construct a six-star hotel complete with a casino in Valencia, in a historic building right next to the old Americas Cup base. The company, which is based in...
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Electroweekend Feria de Valencia
27 February 2015

Electroweekend – Two Days of Techno in Valencia

The start of a new music festival year is approaching and already music lovers across the country are beginning to get excited and discuss which ones they are likely to attend. Well, how about this...
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Spain has some of the best chefs in the world
22 January 2014

The 10 Most Talked About Restaurants in Spain for 2014

The Spanish business and finance magazine Expansion has put together a list of the most up-and-coming and most talked about restaurants in the hostelry sector for this coming year. Some of them...
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It now costs 30 euro from Barajas airport to the city centre
17 January 2014

How Much Is a Taxi from Madrid Airport to the City Centre?

Actually, that’s a good question to ask before you get in a taxi at Madrid’s Barajas airport. Ideally, you should always find out the cost of a taxi journey in advance in any part of the country,...
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Spain's ports are important links in the shipping trade
30 August 2013

Container Shipping Brings Big Business to Spanish Ports

Spain is ranked the third most important European power in shipping Spain has 5 ports in the top 125 and 13 in the top 200 in the world Valencia is now Spain’s busiest port Information collected from...
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Sabadell bank wants to build new properties
06 February 2013

Sabadell Bank Wants to Construct New Property to Solve Dissatisfied Demand

Sabadell’s director general is positive about the future housing market in Spain He claims new buildings should be constructed where there is a dissatisfied demand The property markets in the...
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