Posted by Julie Day on May 13, 2016
John Disley, King of Marbella

John Disley, also known by the British population living in the Costa del Sol as 'The King of Marbella', because of his luxurious life style and fame as a shameless con artist, has been hauled up in front of the law yet again.

On this recent occasion, the self-proclaimed businessman, also renowned as a gangster in his native land due to the massive 675,000-euro fraud he carried out with the Royal Bank of Scotland, had to stop by the police station in Malaga at the end of last month just as he was about to travel back to England after a few days of relaxation on the Costa del Sol, and after recently being released from prison.

Basically, the police stationed at Malaga airport were drawn to the big Rolls Royce Phantom that Disley was driving, for obvious reasons, and so they pulled him over.

They checked the vehicle’s number plate, ‘81G J’, which stands for “Big John”, which had already made them suspicious.

He was asked for his ID and car documents, and, unfortunately for Big John, all the information didn’t quite add up. Disley was immediately arrested and asked to accompany the officers to the police station where he had to explain how he was in the possession of such an exclusive car, which has been valued at around half a million euro.

However, that wasn’t everything. The police then found another set of car number plates reading ‘D15sly, after searching inside the vehicle. According to the owner, this combination of letters and numbers "were the closest to his own surname".

After being detained, searched and questioned for a few hours, the con man was released with bail, and an investigation into his affairs has been established. 

The Spanish police are also perplexed by how quickly 'The King of Marbella' has been able to return to a standard of living as high as the one that made him famous in the first place, and which eventually led him to prison back in 2013.

After committing fraud against the Scottish bank, Disley, and a few of his criminal colleagues, were sentenced to four and a half years in prison, although he was released before the full time was served.

He was also known to buy up companies that were close to bankruptcy, stripped them of their assets, transferred all the money to his own accounts and then used the companies to issue fraudulent checks to the bank.

Disley has been lording it up on the Costa del Sol, and in Marbella in particular, for a number of years. Always with much younger and very attractive girls on his arm and mingling with the British ‘celebrities’ on holiday, the gangster flaunted a jet-set lifestyle, which included a luxury boat, a helicopter and a stunning mansion, and not forgetting a healthy bank balance of 500 million pounds.



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