Posted by Phil Murray on July 18, 2014
the best websites for buying and selling second-hand items

Not so long ago, many people were slightly embarrassed to buy clothes or other items from a second-hand shop, but this is no longer the case. With such high numbers of people out of work, losing their jobs, or just not earning what they used to, buying and selling via second-hand shops, online or not, has actually become the rage.

In fact, the online second-hand buying and selling trade is booming. More than 50% of Spaniards said that they had purchased a second-hand product via the Internet.

Everyone wins. The seller is able to get rid of what he no longer wants and makes a bit of money in the process, and the buyer is able to obtain what he needs at a discount price.

These days, too, you can buy almost anything second-hand online: books, bicycles, cars, clothes, baby equipment, furniture. You name it, you can buy it!

Before the trend took off, buying second-hand generally meant physically leaving your house and going to a charity shop in town. Now, however, it’s all much simpler and you don’t even have to get dressed to go shopping online. Buying over the Internet has become the preferred method and is, in most cases, secure, fast and simple.

Selling is also profitable online as a percentage of the selling price is not handed over to the retailer.

According to OCU, Spain’s leading consumer guide organisation, here at the best online sites for buying and selling over the Internet.


This is probably the most successful, professional and well-known site to buy and sell online. Here you will be sure to find what you are looking for from motorbikes to decorations for your home.


For those wanting to sell a product, Amazon lets you do so via a fairly simple procedure of registering, uploading and publishing. With Amazon your products will be seen in several different countries, meaning that you have a wider audience for your product.

This site is easy to navegate and allows the seller to advertise their product for free. The items are shown as classified ads and you can buy anything from kittens to property.

This is a site for buying and selling tickets for major festivals, sporting events and shows. If you’ve purchased a ticket for an event and can’t go, this is the place to sell your unwanted ticket.

This is an ideal website for anyone that collects specialist items such as stamps, antiques, cars, photographs etc.

This company buys your unwanted goods and then resells them. The site is not easy to navegate, however.


An excellent website if you have children of a school age and can’t afford to pay for all of their school books. There is such a wide choice of books on offer, ranging from text books for primary school students all the way through to university.

This is a great little site to buy and sell your unwanted but good quality clothing, shoes and accessories. You can find items to suit for women, men and children.

This is also a fantasic website. Just click on your province and then your interested category and a list of what’s on offer will come up. You can even look for jobs in your area here. and

These two sites are very similar in format. You can find anything from camping equipment, property, cars, or unwanted tickets.

This website enables visitors to exchange their unwanted items for something that they want instead – if there’s anyone out there that wants what they’re offering.



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