Posted by Julie Day on January 29, 2016

Madrid Fusion is one of the most prestigious and important international gastronomy meetings in the world. It unites the most avant-garde chefs and professionals from across the globe in one spot over three days in Spain’s capital.

As well as stunning demonstrations of technique and talent, there’s plenty to entice the attendees into bringing out their fiery and competitive side. And one of these activities is the highly regarded International Championship to Find the Best Croquette in the World, organized by Salamancan Iberian ham company Joselito.

This year, this ambitious event has crowned a new winner, taking the gold medal away from last year’s champion who comes from the Regueiro Restaurant in Asturias.

So now, the best croquette in the world can be found by eating those prepared and cooked by Jesús Segura, chef at the La Barra de Trivio restaurant, inland in Cuenca.

According to Jesús, the reason why his croquettes were better than any of the others was because of his rich, creamy béchamel sauce, made with butter; a crispy coating, made from traditional handmade bread produced especially for his restaurant; and the fact that the croquettes were fried in virgin olive oil.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that this chef from Cuenca took first place in the competition, as already in 2012 he was named “best newcomer” for his work in Ars Natura, where he worked under one-star Michelin chef Manuel de la Osa.

Now, Segura manages his own restaurant – Trivio – in Cuenca, where he looks after the restaurant, bar and cocktail lounge.

Also competing against Segura were chefs from Quince Nudos in Asturias, Umma in Santander, Keki Tapería in Murcia and Dos Estaciones in Valencia.

And the 2016 best newcomer award went to Javier Estévez from La Tasquería in Madrid for his innovative and outstanding work with offal.



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