Posted by Julie Day on May 13, 2015
Ex government official in prostitution scandal with politicians

With the number of scandals involving politicians and government officials for fraud, tax evasion and other criminal activities almost being reported on a daily basis, these days many of the headlines are often overlooked – due to the sheer amount of them and their habitual occurrence.

However, investigations into the presumed corruption embedded within the police department of Palma de Mallorca have now uncovered a second line of illicit wrongdoings, which has resulted in another arrest – added to the several already made in the space of a year.

An ex high-ranking government official who used to be in charge of the legal services in the department for public works licences has been linked to what could be constituted as belonging to a criminal gang and bribery.

It is currently being investigated whether this government employee was in collusion with one of the largest procurers (pimps) of the tourist zone of the city of Palma, organizing sex parties, or orgies, for the city’s politicians.

The fact that these orgies took place has been discovered after interrogating a number of prostitutes involved in the case.

Several of them have declared before the courts that numerous “mayors” and “politicians”, without giving any names, attended these private parties where they were also brought to.

They supposedly took place on a finca in the centre of the island where Dom Pérignon champagne and Viagra were in abundance.

During the investigation in which prostitutes and brothel owners were questioned, the name “Pedro” was repeatedly mentioned. He was said to apparently attend “all the parties” and “was the one in charge of getting all the people (politicians) together”.

The man arrested, who is also a retired lawyer, exerted his right not to declare in front of the judge and anti-corruption prosecutor yesterday.

After standing before the judge he was released with the only obligation to inform the courts if he decides to change his address.

The investigative operation is still open and the prosecution is in the process of putting together a photo album of police officials and politicians which will be showed to the prostitutes linked to the case in a bid to identify any others involved or linked to the case.



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