Posted by Julie Day on January 08, 2016
What’s the Main Worry for People Living in Spain?

What are the main concerns for Spaniards and people living in Spain? Well, according to a recent study by the Centre for Sociological Investigation (CIS), the main worry for 80% of the population is the level of unemployment.

With the unemployment rate still at over 20% of the working population, which is unacceptable and a hindrance to the growing economy, too many families continue to be affected by the number of unemployed people in this country. In some cases, whole families are out of work and have to depend on the income received by the grandparents in their pension.

After unemployment, the second major concern is corruption (39%), which has dropped from 40% in November, followed by economic problems (24%).

For the first time since carrying out this survey, the topic of international terrorism has made an entrance into the top ten since increasing 8% in the last month alone. Before December, only 0.8% of those surveyed mentioned it as one of their main worries.

Politics remains to be a major concern for Spanish citizens, with 63% not having much faith in the current system, and a further 35% believing that the situation will remain the same for the forthcoming year.

Immigration is not rated as highly as before, and neither is the level of nationalism in Spain.

However, other worries do include the state of the health system, social problems, pensions, the quality of employment in this country and education.



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