Spanish men have been voted the best lovers in the world
Posted by Julie Day

Spanish men have been voted the best lovers in the world. Yes, in the world, not just in Europe. That means they have beaten the Italians, Brazilians and the Argentineans – all previously renowned for being the number one lovers between the sheets.

OK, so let’s not take this too seriously; individually it’s a matter of personal opinion, chemistry, compatibility and connection. Can a person really say that one nationality is better than another? They’d have to sleep with a lot of people to come to any credible conclusions!

Nevertheless, a poll was carried out by, a global research site, who asked 15,000 well-travelled women from 20 countries to rate each nationality on their prowess in the bedroom and to give reasons for their answers. The results were very interesting and the reasons even more so.

So, let’s look at the answers first and then dissect them.

World’s best lovers

  1. Spain
  2. Brazil
  3. Italy
  4. France
  5. Ireland
  6. South Africa
  7. Australia
  8. New Zealand
  9. Denmark
  10. Canada

World’s worst lovers

  1. Germany (too smelly)
  2. England (too lazy)
  3. Sweden (to quick to finish)
  4. Holland (too dominating)
  5. America (too rough)
  6. Greece (too lovey-dovey)
  7. Wales (too selfish)
  8. Scotland (too loud)
  9. Turkey (too sweaty)
  10. Russia (too hairy)


The results may be surprising to many. Where are the Argentineans or the Cubans? What’s happened to the Latin lover? Would these results have been the same 10 or 20 years ago? And what’s changed? Are women’s expectations different to before?

Anyway, the Spanish hold the number one spot at the present moment. The women that voted for them praised them for their self-confidence and openness in bed.

This is in contrast to the English, who were voted the second worst lovers after the Germans, who were criticised for being too lazy – and the Germans, too smelly.

So, what is it that makes the Spanish lover self-confident and natural and the English lover lazy?

The Spanish are generally known for being self-confident, fun-loving and self-assured. And, the English? Well, I’ve lost count of the number of articles I’ve read where people have said that they’d rather employ a foreigner to an English person because the English are lazy and the foreigners are much more hard-working. Would this apply to all aspects of life?

And what has made Englishman lazy? They were once the conquerors of the world (along with the Spanish). And with sex being one of the most pleasurable and intimate activities going, why would you not put in 100%?

What makes the Spaniard better than the Englishman between the sheets? Is it the hot climate? Does the sun make your libido stronger or give you more energy? With the warmer climate where I’m based, I’d definitely say that people are more active and sporty! But other parts of Spain are just as cold and wet as England, so are the Spanish men that live in the colder parts of the country more like the English when it comes to bedroom activities?

What about the diet? The Mediterranean diet is considered by many to be the healthiest in the world. Would this make Spanish men more energetic? Think of the saying “you are what you eat”. What does that say about the English population who are raised on fish and chips, Chinese and Indian takeaways and pies?

Or is it society and society’s attitude towards women? In England, women very much fight for equal rights and want to be on par with men in all aspects of life. Or is that all aspects except for in the bedroom? In Spain, on the other hand, the woman is still seen as the homemaker and mother, and possibly not an equal. Many Spanish men are still extremely macho and chauvinist in their attitude and beliefs and take pride in satisfying their women. Englishmen are perhaps more selfish and believe that their women should satisfy them before anything else.

Do Spanish mothers talk to their sons more about how to treat women in bed? Are the Spanish more open about sex in general and does that make them better lovers? The English are well known for their reserve and the family unit is not as united as in Spain, or other Catholic countries, for that matter.

Well, there could be many reasons for the way in which the results have fallen. It could even be a totally unrelated and boring one, such as the fact that Spain is the second most visited country for holidaymakers in the world, behind France, and so a greater number of the women questioned had slept with Spanish men than other nationalities.

I’m sure that each individual has their own preferences and their own personal reasons.

Me, I’ll stick with my Ukrainian toy-boy!

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