Posted by Jeni Evans on February 19, 2016
The best companies to work for in Spain

Are you one of the lucky people that actually loves your job? To spring out of bed in the morning and look forward to going to work is a luxury that not everyone enjoys, despite the fact that it is something that everyone should strive towards.

Do you love your profession, are you surrounded by great colleagues, is there a happy and positive atmosphere in your workplace, do you work hours that suit you and your lifestyle, and does the company you work for look after you? If you have answered ‘yes’ to every one of these questions, work-wise you are extremely fortunate.

And this is really how it should be in the work environment, which is why every year the CRF Institute officially recognizes the effort that companies across the globe make in order to ensure that their employees are happy and well looked after. They believe that a happy employee is more productive, spends less time off sick and takes pride in their work.

In this year’s edition, a total of 1,072 companies from 102 countries have been merited for the way in which they treat their employees. And, 73 of these companies are located in Spain. This is 16% more than those recognized in 2015.

Amongst the 73 Spanish firms where employees are most looked after are Consum, the supermarket chain, which is actually the largest employee-owned cooperative in the Mediterranean, and Danone, the yoghurt manufacturer, which has divisions in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Asturias.

The multinational Heineken has also been recognized as a ‘Top Employer’, and so have Ikea and tobacco company Philip Morris Spain, who has been cited for the seventh year running.

Some may argue about the service given to their customers, but Vodafone and Orange have also been mentioned, and despite declining profits, bad press and the public’s new-found awareness of the importance of healthy eating, McDonalds is also a great company to work for.

Other names include: Cannon, Altadis, Adidas, Bankinter, Pascual, Cepsa, DHL, Enagas, Leroy Merlin, ING, LG, Olympus, Pepsico, Repsol, SEAT, OTIS and Zurich.



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