Posted by Jeni Evans on April 06, 2015
Lidl most popular products

If, like me, you tend to shop in various supermarkets because not a single one has everything you need, you may end up popping into Lidl every now and again.

The other day, I went in purposely for three jam doughnuts, but usually Lidl is my preferred choice for things like yogurt, fruit and veg, drinks and chilled products, mainly because you get bigger sizes for cheaper the price compared to other supermarkets.

Lidl manages to keep its prices low because it only orders a small number of products but in great volume. It only offers 1,600 items, and most of them are from its own brand, although Growth and Development Manager Javier Suárez explains that the company aims to find a good mixture of their own products and other well-known branded ones. Over the last year, the German supermarket has introduced a greater number of branded products onto its shelves.

However, just because a product is the supermarket’s own brand, it doesn’t mean that the quality is inferior to a more widely recognized name. In fact, some of Lidl’s own products have been applauded for their quality in their own right.

This is the case of the ‘famous’ Cien Q10 anti-wrinkle cream, which has beaten every other item sold in Lidl for sales figures.

In a comparison study of face and anti-wrinkle creams by independent consumer rights organization OCU, Lidl’s Cien Q10 cream came out on top, beating all other brands. From that point, sales rocketed and stock was completely depleted on several occasions.

However, this anti-wrinkle cream is not the only star product that Lidl has to offer its clients. All of the supermarket’s best-selling products come from its own brand and range from chocolate to nappies as you can see below.

  • ARGUS beer (cerveza)
  • GELATELLI vanilla, chocolate and almond ice cream (helado)
  • TOUJOURS nappies (pañales)
  • W5 ultra concentrated washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets (lavavajillas)
  • SUCCÈS GOURMAND foie gras
  • MILBONA yoghurt with sugar cane
  • MILBONA bifidus yoghurt
  • CHOCONUSSA hazelnut spread



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