Posted by Jeni Evans on August 27, 2015
Tourist spending

A new investigation carried out by the BBVA Centre of Innovation in collaboration with BBVA Data & Analytics has tried to research as much as possible into the spending habits of the foreign tourists that visit this country during the months of July and August.

Other than ascertaining the nationality of the visitor and in which region he visited, this study attempts to delve deeper into the spending habits of the tourists that come here and discover exactly who is spending, how and where (respecting anonymity of course).

The first conclusion to be reached is that the majority of tourists spend their money on fashion and clothes. This is particularly the case for those that have visited from outside of Europe.

In actual fact, 39% of the money spent by Russians, Mexicans or Koreans is done so in a fashion store, which increases to 41% of Australians, 45% of Argentinians and 54% of Chinese.

Curiously, or perhaps not when you actually think about it, there are only two countries whose tourists prefer to spend their money on something else, namely food and drink, and they are the UK and the United States.

When it comes to hotel accommodation, it is the Austrians who dedicate the highest rate of their spending money to this, with 15% of the total.

And when it comes to shelling out during their stay, a different study by the Ministry of Industry and Tourism reports that it is the Brits who spend the most out of all the other nationalities. They are followed by the Germans, Americans, French and Scandinavians respectively. This takes into account spending carried out on plastic and in cash.

However, this new BBVA investigation has discovered that the French are actually the top spenders, with 18.4% of the total spending by all visitors and 24.2% of the credit card transactions. They are followed by the Brits, with 16.2% of the total spending, and then the Germans a way behind with 7.2%, the Russians (7.1%) and the Dutch (4.4%).

This isn’t necessarily as telling because it could just mean that the Brits and Germans etc. prefer to pay in cash rather than by credit card.

The analysis of tourist spending by province has revealed that almost a quarter is spent in Barcelona:

  • Barcelona – 23%
  • Balearic Islands – 14%
  • Malaga – 12%
  • Madrid – 9%
  • Alicante – 8%
  • Girona – 7%
  • Valencia – 3%
  • Tenerife – 3%




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