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New Laws in Spain

Government to publish list of biggest tax dodgers
31 December 2012

Government to Publish List of Biggest Tax Evaders

Government wants to publish list as soon as possible Public services and social welfare are losing out because taxes are not paid 100 new tax investigators will be taken on Spain’s fight against tax...
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Plans to privatise 6 Madrid hospitals to go ahead
28 December 2012

Madrid Passes Law to Allow the Privatisation of Six Hospitals in the Region

Tenders for the management of 6 hospitals and 27 medical centres can be submitted from 1st Jan All opposition parties and members voted against the new law Law also gives green light to Eurovegas...
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Excess energy consumption to be penalised
17 December 2012

Excess Energy Consumption Will Be Penalised With Progressive Surcharges from January

Electricity bills will rise from January Households that consume 10% more than the average will face progressive surcharges Electricity has increased by around 20% in since 2010 In 2011 the Spanish...
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New fees for going to court
11 December 2012

New Judicial Fees May Make People Think Twice About Going to Court

New court taxes applicable on procedures such as appealing a fine, divorce or claiming compensation Taxes are both fixed and variable Family units that earn over 1,100 euro/month will have to pay The...
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Changes to the rental law in Spain
04 December 2012

New Spanish Property-Rental Reforms

New laws over long-term property lets gives more power to landlords Evicting a tenant for not paying rent now takes two months, not two years Government offers tax breaks to those who purchase...
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Increase in IVA rates from September 2012
04 December 2012

Change in IVA Rates from September 2012

Under pressure from Brussels, Rajoy raises VAT from September 2012 Some products and services will move up into higher tax brackets The general tax bracket is now at 21% (was 18%) After years of...
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Government wants to move fiestas to the nearest Monday
30 November 2012

Too Many Fiestas, Not Enough Productivity

Government plans to move 3 national fiestas to the nearest Monday Measures are to improve economic output and productivity Changes will be made from 2014 as half of fiestas fall at the weekend in...
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New Eviction Measures Help Most Vulnerable
28 November 2012

New Measures for Eviction Problem Help Most Vulnerable

Emergency measures introduced by the Government stop evictions for the most vulnerable They must satisfy a series of requisites to qualify PSOE and other groups remain dissatisfied with the depth of...
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Demand for change in law over evictions
15 November 2012

Demand for Change in Law Over Evictions Grows

Government and senior judges are now taking the eviction situation seriously Rajoy wants new measures adopted immediately As well as the 500 or so families every day that are faced with being evicted...
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New anti-fraud law comes into force
15 November 2012

Anti-Fraud Act Comes into Force

New anti-fraud law targets tax fraudsters and dodgers Heavy fines applied to those that break the law All assets abroad must be declared to the tax office Cash payments of only up to 2,500 euro...
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Brussels Warns Spain Over Fiscal Discrimination in Property Sales
13 November 2012

Fiscal Discrimination Against Non-Residents in Property Sales Leads to Warning from Brussels

Non-residents pay 19% CGT on the sale of a property but Spanish residents do not Brussels warns Spain about this discriminatory practice Spain must change this law by December The European Commission...
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