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New Laws in Spain

The Traffic and Road Safety reform has been approved
08 October 2013

Spanish Government Approves the New Traffic and Road Safety Law

Speed limit increases to 130km/h on certain motorway stretches – Catalan and Basque governments oppose this Caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs implies a 1,000 euro fine Cyclists...
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The new property rental law explained
01 October 2013

What Does the Recently Approved Property Rental Law Consist Of?

The new property rental law came into force on 6 June Property owners have more rights now than before The objective is to activate the rental market The change in the Property Rental Law came in to...
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The new Law of Entrepreneurship has been approved
24 September 2013

The Main Points of the New Law of Entrepreneurship

The new law makes it easier and simpler to start up a new business Children from primary school age will be taught the basics of business There are economic incentives and greater protection for...
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The new European mortgage law has been backed by Parliament
18 September 2013

European Parliament to Approve New European Mortgage Directive

The new mortgage law will be homogenous across Europe It will be more transparent, flexible and fair There will be a 7-day reflection period before signing the contract Those that buy a property...
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Solar panel users face new charge
21 August 2013

Solar Energy No Longer Free with New Government Tax Plan

The new decree will make producing your own electricity unviable Users of solar panels will have to register so they can be monitored and controlled This new levy could be the downfall of the whole...
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Harsher penalties for drink driving
30 July 2013

Drink-Driving Fines to Double with Approval of New Traffic and Road Safety Reforms

Over the limit for alcohol will be punished with 1,000 euro fine All under 18s must wear helmets when cycling Draft reforms have been approved, now the law will be passed Spain’s Home Affairs...
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Electricity will increase again in August by 3.2%
18 July 2013

Overhaul of Electricity Sector and Energy Reform Approval

Household electricity bills will increase by 3.2% from August The government say this reform is a definitive solution to the tariff deficit The tariff deficit for 2013 is 4.5 billion euro and from...
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Spain is denounced by Spanish lawyers over 720 Model
17 July 2013
The restriction of free movement of people and capital has been denounced Only 5% of foreign residents have presented the 720 Model The aim is to remove the 720 Model completely, or at least make it...
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The air-con tax will start from 1 January 2014
08 July 2013

New Air-Conditioning Tax Raises Cost by 65 Euro

The new environmentally friendly tax will be applied from 1 January 2014 The tax will be paid directly by refrigeration manufacturers Experts say that the tax will add an additional 65 euro to...
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Spain is set to reform its public administration system
21 June 2013

Reform of Spain’s Public Administration System Set in Motion

Public administration reforms are on the verge of being revealed The aim is to make the system more efficient in terms of cost, running and management Carrying out services by computer could finally...
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Travelling with pets will soon be made easier due to EU law change
11 June 2013

EU Relaxes Pet Travel Laws

Travelling across Europe with your pets will soon be made easier There will be less bureaucratic administration to deal with All pets will need a pet passport plus a up-to-date rabies jab Not all...
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There will be sanctions for non-compliance with EPC rules
03 June 2013

Fines to Be Imposed for Failing to Comply with Energy Performance Certificate Regulations

Sanctions will range from 300 – 6,000 euro A property cannot be marketed without the Energy Performance Certificate Providing incorrect information on the certificate could draw a fine of 1,000 euro...
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