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New Laws in Spain

Certain crimes can be reported to the Guardia Civil by filling out an online form
12 February 2014

Reporting a Crime Made Easier with Online Form

How many of you, for whatever reason, did not report a crime to the Guardia Civil because you couldn’t be bothered with the hassle or inconvenience of the whole procedure? Waiting in a queue, booking...
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The entitlement to free healthcare cover will be lost if residents leave Spain for more than 90 days
14 January 2014

Free Healthcare Entitlement Denied to Long-Term Unemployed who Spend 90 Days Abroad

A Spanish citizen could be denied the right to free medical attention in Spain if he has been unemployed long term, has exhausted his right to unemployment benefit and other subsidies and if he is...
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Electronic devices can now be used during take off and landing
14 January 2014

Can Passengers Use Electronic Equipment Through an Entire Flight?

Following a recent update in the law regarding the use of electronic devices on board passenger aircrafts, it is now possible to use portable electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets, in...
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Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato
09 January 2014

Seven Regions Rebel Against New Co-Payment Scheme for Hospital Medication

Andalucía, the Canary and Balearic Islands, Cataluña, the Basque Country, Castilla y León and Asturias are in protest against the Government’s new scheme of sharing the cost for certain hospital...
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A suspect or defendant in a criminal case has the right to all information in his own language
07 January 2014

Interpreters and translations must be provided in all criminal proceedings says EU

All member states have been given three years, instead of the normal two, to organise and get everything in place so that the new EU directive for the right to translation and interpretation in...
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Homeowners communities must get their accounts in order
23 December 2013

Homeowners’ Community Must Declare Payments from January

From this coming 1 January 2014 residents’ communities are obliged to declare certain payments made to outside third persons for services and jobs carried out for the community. Only payments to...
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Electronic cigarettes may soon be banned in enclosed public places
18 December 2013

Spanish Government Considers Banning Smoking E-Cigarettes in Enclosed Public Places

Just two months since Spain’s Tobacco Market Commission concluded that E-cigarettes are in fact a smoking accessory and can therefore be sold in official tobacco shops or ‘estancos’, the Government...
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The Citizen Safety Draft Law had to be modified due to so much criticism
02 December 2013

Citizen Safety Draft Law Amended After Mass Criticism

After huge criticism and outrage at the harshness of the penalties and the general feeling that citizens’ were having their rights removed and given to the police rather than being protected by them...
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Limits will be placed on demonstrating
26 November 2013

Has the New Citizen Security Draft Law Gone a Step too Far?

Insulting a policeman: up to 30,000 euro Distributing images on social network sites of police in action: up to 30,000 euro Attending a demonstration wearing a balaclava, bandana, mask or anything...
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How to serve olive oil is to be regulated by EU law
18 November 2013

EU to Regulate How Olive Oil Is Served in Bars and Restaurants

From 1 January 100% olive oil must be served in labelled non-reusable, tamper-proof containers Dipping bowls and glass jugs or decanters will be banned The law is aimed to prevent adulteration of...
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You must provide the DWP with IBAN and BIC numbers
22 October 2013

Euro zone Banks Will Not Accept British Pension or Benefit Payments without New Details from Clients

New regulations concerning payments between EU countries will come into force from 31 January 2014 This will affect expats who have their UK pension paid into a non-UK bank account Payments could be...
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The money laundering prevention law is about to be approved
10 October 2013

Suspect Money Laundering Reporting Requirements Eased for Small Businesses

Sepblac is alerted to around 3,000 cases of suspected money laundering a year Alerts from banks make up 65% of the total The new law should already be in force The 2010 directive against money...
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