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New Laws in Spain

Fresh start for failed businesses on the cards
26 January 2015

Autónomos who Fail at Business to Get Second Chance

If a self-employed person has to close their business due to no longer being able to keep it afloat or through lack of funds and bankruptcy, it may soon be possible to do so and cancel all debts at...
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Fined for walking too fast?
22 January 2015

Tráfico Plans to Limit Walking Speed of Pedestrians and Force a Drugs and Alcohol Test if Involved in an Accident

The Government has asked Tráfico (DGT – Departamento General de Tráfico) to reconsider some of its latest plans currently waiting to be approved in the near future. There are several that stand out...
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New RFID identity cards in Spain
15 January 2015

New Radio Frequency ID Card Launched in Spain

Minister for Home Affairs, Jorge Fernández Díaz, has presented the new version of the Spanish national identity card and passport that will soon be in use across the whole of the country. The new...
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Gas bottle prices
15 January 2015
Consumers are getting confused about the price of a gas bottle. And now is the time when we’re getting the most use out of them. Legally, you should not be charged any higher than 17,50 euro for a...
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Legalise cannabis in Navarra
05 January 2015

Navarra Legalises the Use of Cannabis in Consumer Clubs

All over the world we are seeing the legalisation of the consumption of cannabis and marihuana becoming more and more common. It was sure to only be a matter of time before Spain followed suite, in...
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New EU food allergy law for restaurants
16 December 2014

How Many Restaurants Have Heard About the New Law Regarding Food Allergies?

To go with the new EU regulation regarding clearer labels on our food products, another law has just been brought in by the EU regarding restaurants and food allergies. From 13 December it became law...
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Partido Popular launches new transparency website
16 December 2014

Spanish Government Launches First Ever Transparency Website

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how much our politicians earn or exactly what they spend taxpayers’ money on? Well, from this week we will be able to find out thanks to a new transparency website...
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New food labels for EU regulation
15 December 2014

What’s on the Label and in Our Food?

How many of you check, for example, exactly what is in the products that you buy from the supermarket by reading the label? Do you read the label and then return an item to the shelf if it contains...
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02 December 2014
UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced a new plan that will enforce extra restrictions on immigrants, predominantly from the EU, trying to settle in the UK. He has also threatened to leave...
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Citizen Security Law reform
12 November 2014

Citizen Security Law under Fire Again after New Amendments Announced

Last week, politicians and members of Congress once again discussed the Law of Citizen Security and the possible amendments about to be passed and brought in. Already controversial as the Government...
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Residents AGMs in English
04 November 2014

Is It Legal to Conduct Your Community AGMs in English?

Do you live in an area that is mainly populated by foreigners? Are the majority of residents on your urbanisation made up of Brits and other foreign nationalities? What happens at your annual general...
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Ex-Minister for Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón
29 September 2014

Justice Minister Resigns from Politics as His Anti-Abortion Law Is Scrapped

At the beginning of last week, Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced that plans to modify the abortion law, making it more restrictive, would be scrapped, after months of campaigning and...
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