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New Laws in Spain

Expats are being turned down by the NHS for free health care
28 May 2014

Expats Could Be Refused Health Care on NHS Too

Getting or receiving free health care in Spain has become more and more contentious in recent years, particularly for those who are not covered. By not covered, we mean early retirees, people working...
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Drivers could be fined for turning their head
27 May 2014

Turning Your Head Whilst Driving and Other Ridiculous Fines

Trying to take your mind off what you’re not supposed to be doing whilst driving and just concentrate on the road could prove to be more costly, especially if you live in the province of Pontevedra,...
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New Spanish Traffic Law
12 May 2014

New Spanish Traffic Law in Force with Tougher Sanctions

Were you aware that the driving regulations for motorists and cyclists changed last Friday? There are a number of new laws that you all need to know about particularly if you travel about by car or...
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Digital purchases will incur VAT increases
06 May 2014

Changes in VAT Payment Regulations for All Digital Purchases From Next Year

When we carry out a digital purchase online, buy and download an app for our mobile phone, or download music, games or computer software, we naturally have to pay tax on that purchase. From next year...
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Mercury Thermometers Can No Longer Be Sold Anywhere Within the EU
24 April 2014

Mercury Thermometers Can No Longer Be Sold Anywhere Within the EU

Thermometers and other measuring devices containing mercury can no longer be purchased in any country within the European Union after a ruling which came into force this week. The European Agency of...
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Supermarket customers will soon have to pay for plastic bags in EU
18 April 2014

Plastic Bags Will No Longer Be Free in Any European Country After New EU Directive Passed

  Plastic bags handed out with your shopping will soon be a thing of the past, as the EU has given the green light to banning their free distribution across the whole of Europe. The EU wants every...
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Internet café users will have to show ID says citizen security law
08 April 2014

Anyone Using the Services of an Internet Café Will Be Made to Show Identification First Says New Citizen Security Law

  A whole host of changes are set to be introduced regarding the control of public telephone and Internet services in Spain when the new Citizen Protection and Security Law is passed. The most...
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The successions and donations tax may be modified in the fiscal reform
25 March 2014

Imminent Change in Donations Tax Leads to Avalanche of Gifts Between Relatives

  The subject of gifts between close relatives is a complex one in Spain, and one that has been the cause of much polemic. A change in the law, which many experts believe to be imminent, has brought...
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Cyclists should be aware of the new regulations in the traffic law reform
21 March 2014

Green Light Given to 20 New Traffic and Road Regulations

Earlier this week, the Spanish Congress passed the Traffic Law reform, and with it 20 new regulations. Some will come into force a month and one day after they are published in the Official State...
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What are the new rules on residency in Spain?
07 March 2014

Thinking of Making the Move to Spain Permanently? Are You Aware of the New Rules for Residency?

Well, they’re not actually new rules, but they were introduced in mid-July 2012, so many of you may not be aware of them. The following article will outline the new rules for British citizens...
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The UK and Spain will work closer together to combat organised crime
27 February 2014

UK and Spain Work Together to Recover Assets Gained by Criminal Activities

It seems as though the British and Spanish are working even harder than ever before to bring criminals to justice, confiscate any assets gained from crime and by helping each other in the process....
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Europeans can choose where to have their medical treatment carried out
17 February 2014

Spain Finally Implements EU Cross-Border Healthcare Scheme

Always one to drag its feet when it comes to implementing EU directives that are not of particular interest to the government, the Spanish Cabinet finally approved a decree last week that will give...
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