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New Laws in Spain

Fiscal reform on properties bought before 1996
24 September 2014

Fiscal Reform Could Be Catalyst for Flood of Property Sales

One of Spain’s leading property experts, director of studies at Idealista property portal, Fernando Encinar, has forecast a deluge of house sales before the end of the year when the Government is set...
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Succession law in Spain is discriminatory against non-residents
21 September 2014

EU Rules against Spain’s Discriminatory Inheritance Tax Laws for Non-Residents

Spain has a habit of treating non-residents unfairly when it comes to taking money off them, something which is not permitted now since we are all in the EU. Time and time again, various cases are...
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15 September 2014

EU Bans Powerful Vacuum Cleaners

Sales of powerful vacuum cleaners soared last month ahead of the EU ban that came into force at the beginning of September, with many retailers selling out of models rated over 1.600 watts, the now...
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Credit card surcharges banned
15 September 2014

Surcharges Banned when Making Online Purchase with Credit Card

Since 1st September, companies have been banned from levying surcharges on consumers who make an online purchase using a credit card. However, consumer rights organisation, OCU, has warned this week...
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Holiday lets in Mallorca
12 August 2014

Neighbours Have Final Say in Property Rental to Tourists in Mallorca

If you own any type of property in Mallorca and want to rent it out to tourists and holidaymakers at any period during the year, it’s going to be tough from now on. The regional government has...
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Expat pensioners must regulate their pension situation by June 2015
11 August 2014

Foreign Pensioners Must Regulate Their Fiscal Situation by June 2015

Foreign pensioners that live in Spain and who claim their pension from abroad, or Spanish pensioners who have returned to Spain after many years working in another country and receive a pension from...
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Tax reform is approved
05 August 2014

Taxes Reduced for 20 Million Contributors in Approved Tax Reform

The Government has finally approved the new fiscal reform, which it says will be simpler to understand, enable taxpayers to save and incentivises investment on a larger scale. It will also enable...
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More controls for drink driving
03 August 2014

Large Percentage of Convictions in Spain Are for Traffic Offences

In 2013, 37% of all crimes in Spain that led to a conviction were for offences against the Traffic and Security Law. Following road offences were crimes against one’s personal property with 19% of...
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Citizen Security
15 July 2014

Draft Citizen Security Protection Law Approved by the Government

When changes to the new citizen security reform were first announced several months ago, people were up in arms. The removal of people’s right to protest and voice an opinion were harshly criticised...
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Mobile data Roaming Costs Spain
25 June 2014

Mobile Phone Data Roaming Costs Slashed from Next Month

The cost of using your mobile phone to connect to the Internet whilst you are abroad in another country within the European Union will be 55% cheaper than last year from 1 July. The cost for roaming...
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rights and protection to the consume
17 June 2014

What New Rights Do You Have as a Consumer?

Only just over two years since the law came into force, the Spanish Government has finally incorporated the European Directive from 2011 on consumers’ rights into our legislation. We now have...
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Using the services of an unauthorised car sharing scheme is illegal
10 June 2014

Bye Bye Illegal Taxis

The Department for Public Works has warned the public that users of shared car services that do not have the correct authorisation to operate could face sanctions of between 401 and 600 euro. Sharing...
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