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New Laws in Spain

Penal code made harsher for theft
03 April 2015

Penal Code Modified to Give Harsher Sentences to Theft by Criminal Gangs

Businesses lose approximately 1% of their total annual turnover through stolen goods. This costs them around 1.6 billion euro a year. But business owners are hoping that will change thanks to the...
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Driving regulations regarding A Frames
01 April 2015

Your Motorhome and Towing a Car in Spain

Well, the start of the summer season is well and truly upon us and soon the tourists will be arriving for their annual summer holiday in droves. This means more traffic, busier roads and a surge in...
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More security checks at Spanish airports
26 March 2015

Airports to Check All Electronic Devices in Hand Luggage in New Security Controls

If you’ve travelled by plane in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that passing through security took a little longer than usual. And you wouldn’t be mistaken either, as new regulations on...
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Changes to the NHS charging system from April 2015
25 March 2015

British Expats Could Be Affected by Changes to NHS Charging Regulations

If you are an expat resident living in Spain and while visiting the UK require healthcare treatment on the NHS, you may face substantial charges from next month. From April, overseas visitors, even...
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Swiss banks obliged to share bank account info
23 March 2015
The European Commission and Switzerland have been in talks recently and have finally concluded an agreement that deals with total tax transparency. It is part of the EU’s plan to fight against tax...
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Anti-fraud and terrorism law
22 March 2015

Citizens Must Provide Their Banks with Relevant ID Documents before End of April

For the last month or so, every time I go online to check what’s in my bank account, or not in it in my case, a notification appears telling me that the 10/2010 law is asking that all banks must...
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Criminal Procedure Act
18 March 2015

Reform of the Criminal Procedure Act to Speed up Trials Approved

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, Vice-President of the Spanish Government, has announced that the reform of the Criminal Procedure Act has been approved by the Council of Ministers. Certain new...
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06 March 2015
The obligation to declare all assets abroad valued at 50,000€ or more has not only caused many residents, particularly foreign residents in Spain, a lot of hassle and untold stress, it has also...
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Fines issued for EEC non-compliance
03 March 2015

First Fines for Failing to Comply with Energy Efficiency Certificate Regulations Issued

During the second half of 2013, a new law came into force regarding EECs (Energy Efficiency Certificates) and the obligation for all those wanting to rent out or sell a property to obtain one before...
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Guardia Civil
24 February 2015

Sign Up for the Latest News from the Guardia Civil Tráfico

Due to the phenomenal growth of their Facebook page, ‘N332’, increasing from a handful of followers only a few weeks ago to now around 6,000 people interested in driving and traffic laws in Spain,...
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23 February 2015

Communities of Property Owners Must Comply with Tax Office Obligations by March

Did your community of residents carry out any type of building or reparation work in 2014 and charge more than 3,005,06 euro to a third party? This could be any type of work that is contracted out to...
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Traffic law for cyclists
27 January 2015

Cyclists Warned about Talking on the Phone whilst Cycling

Getting around from A to B on a daily basis or even just enjoying a leisurely ride on your bike has become more and more popular. Bike sales are increasing and particularly with the good weather...
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