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New Laws in Spain

17 August 2015

A woman from the town of Petrer, located inland in the province of Alicante, has been sanctioned 800 euro after posting a photo that she had taken of a local police car in her municipality that was...
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Driving offences in Spain
04 August 2015

Take Care Not to Commit Any of These Little Known Driving Offences

The official holiday period for the majority of Spaniards is now well underway and that generally means busy roads, a lack of parking and lots of traffic. Our daily routine has probably altered,...
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23 July 2015

Pioneering Valladolid Municipality Recognizes Cats and Dogs as “Non-Human Residents”

The Brits are known to love their pets. Especially their cats and dogs. Some can even be accused of treating their animals at home better than their partners or the people around them in general....
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Gagging law in Spain
01 July 2015

Five Things Prohibited from Today by the ‘Gagging’ Law

The new Citizen Security Law has been highlighted in the Spanish and world press for some time now. Unfortunately not for the positive way in which some of its measures are meant to help citizens and...
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Driving offences in Europe
29 June 2015
It’s not uncommon for many people to behave differently when they find themselves in a foreign country. This is partly due to being unaware of the different laws to those that you are used to at home...
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Driving offence in Spain
17 June 2015

Fine Issued for Most Ludicrous Driving Offence Ever

When you are driving your vehicle, you’d better make sure that all you are doing is driving – nothing else. That means both hands on the wheel, eyes focused on the road ahead and not allowing...
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22 May 2015

Calvià Introduces New Laws in Bid to Clean Up Tourism Image of Magaluf

The rite of passage for entering into adulthood is often be marked by passing your driving test, holding a massive party or even going on your first holiday abroad with friends instead of parents....
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28 April 2015

Pedestrians Fined for Crossing the Road before Traffic Lights Turned Green

I know I’m definitely guilty of this all the time, especially when I’m in a hurry – which is most of the time. But crossing the road at a traffic light when it is still showing red even if there are...
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Hologram protest in Madrid
17 April 2015

Holograms Used to Protest against Spain’s ‘Gagging Law’

Thousands of holograms were the protagonists last Friday in a demonstration outside Parliament’s lower house in Madrid in protest of the Government’s controversial ‘ley mordaza’, or ‘gagging law’, as...
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End of the bachillerato university entrance exam
17 April 2015

University Entrance Exam to Be Replaced from 2017

The Department of Education has confirmed that it has finished designing and putting together the new format for the Bachillerato, Spain’s equivalent to our A Levels and university entrance exams, as...
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Change driving license for foreign residents in Spain
08 April 2015

New DGT Instruction Clarifying European Driving Licence Renewals

In order to clarify some of the confusion which has arisen over foreign residents in Spain changing their driving license for a Spanish one, the DGT has issued an instruction which details the...
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08 April 2015

Beware of Your Activity on the Internet

Despite a monumental amount of criticism from all sides, the Citizen Security Law has been passed by Congress purely by votes from the PP, Spain’s ruling party. Several of the measures included in...
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